JSC "DALTA provides services for the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of products from metal and black, stainless steel and nonferrous metal. The product range is very wide. The company produces: -Fence system (doors, gates, fencing, turnstiles) -Safes (clothes, electrical, office) and shelving Post-and CPE -Stainless steel -Scaffolding tower -Stairs, railings, roofs -Doors and play metal -Building and office and household Module -Canopy tents and pavilions SC DALTA "manufactures of metal structures and equipment in order including: Metal frames-engineering buildings and building elements, -Non-standard equipment and spare parts for machinery Wire-frames billboards. Containers for household and construction waste and industrial waste -Decorative hardware and household applications The company provides services for the working (milling, lathe work, welding) A separate line of business is the development and manufacture of seals, stamps, and sell accessories. Enterprise DALTA "began in the early 20 century with a small mechanical workshop. At present production area is about 1500 square meters The company is constantly evolving and improving. We are proud of our professional attitude to work. Success of the company are not accidental, reliable suppliers, quality products, guarantee service, working for the customer brings it all together is our business to a high professional level. Company "DALTA enterprise - which earned trust.


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